Every Life Counts

Take a stand for humanity now! Join in and sign the petition Every Life Counts to demand joint responsibility from our world leaders, for all people seeking safety.




Ever since our co-founders scooped up their first scoops of ice cream back in 1978, we’ve been working to make the world a better place, one fudge chunk at a time. We believe that equity, opportunity, and justice for marginalized communities are worth fighting for, so we’ve been doing just that.

Here in the Nordics, we created the  ‘’Love Is… What We Share’’ campaign to encourage our fans to join local integration projects that facilitate meetings between new and established Nordics.

But our work doesn’t stop in the Nordic countries. This World Refugee Day we are supporting our friends at the Danish Refugee Council in demanding that our world leaders fight the root causes of displacement and treat people on the move with dignity and respect.

Today it seems like many countries are working harder to keep refugees out than to address the root causes of displacement. Having to flee from your home is never a choice, and the pattern of increased displacement is visible as the number of people in need of protection is on the rise. 

The vast majority of refugees are hosted in neighboring countries, and we need to work with host communities and refugees themselves to seek solutions that promote dignity and respect. Europe and the Nordic countries must take adequate responsibility in this. More than 70 million people, from all across the globe have been forcibly displaced from their homes — more than at any other point in human history. People are fleeing the effects of climate change, poverty, violence, and war, but they want what we all want: a safe place to call home, happiness, and peace for their families.

We don’t have all the answers, but we can begin by coming together to demand that world leaders treat people on the move with dignity and show solidarity with countries hosting the majority of the world’s refugees and displaced people. This is what the Danish Refugee Council are demanding with the Every Life Counts Campaign:

  • That all countries take joint responsibility for protecting people on the move
  • More assistance to conflict-neighboring countries and countries hosting the majority of the world's refugees
  • Support for countries of origin so that refugees can return home in safety and dignity

The petition and the mobilization of opinions it will represent, will be presented each time the Danish Refugee Council is in discussions with various world leaders.


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*This article was written in partnership with The Danish Refugee Council to support their Every Life Counts campaign.