5 Easy Ways to Celebrate World Vegan Month


November marks the beginning of World Vegan Month, and there are plenty of ways to celebrate whether you’re already a vegan or just want to test the waters. Going vegan can seem intimidating, but we’ve got 5 easy ways for you to celebrate throughout World Vegan Month!

  1. Share Vegan Recipes with Friends

    There are all kinds of amazing vegan recipes to be found on the internet. From appetizers to desserts, you can start collecting some plant-based versions of your favourites and share them with friends on social media. May we suggest these Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars?

  2. Host a Vegan Dinner Party

    Invite your friends over for a vegan, plant-based dinner and ask everyone to bring a delicious vegan dish. This is a great way to put those recipes you’ve found to the test! Ask that your guests bring the recipes so that you can all make your favourites afterwards.

  3. Challenge your Friends to go Vegan

    If you’ve got commitment issues when it comes to going vegan, enlist your friends to join you! Challenge your friends to become a plant-based eater for a month (or even a week!) and you can support each other. You can share your favourite vegan recipes, articles, books, and documentaries, and check in with each other along the way.

  4. Throw a Vegan “Ice Cream” Social

    What’s a celebration without ice cream? There are plenty of Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy [link to Non-Dairy flavor page] flavours to choose from, so gather up your favourites, and don’t forget the vegan toppings!

  5. Volunteer at a local animal shelter or donate to your favourite animal rights organization to show your support.

    Showing your love for animals is one of the easiest (and fun) ways to celebrate World Vegan Month, so go ahead and snuggle a puppy!